Fujera is an overtone bass flute with 3 holes on the bottom. The tube of the fujera generally has a lenght of 160 - 200 cm, and is supplemented by a shorter, 40-80 cm long tube, which serves as a duct canalizing the airflow to the edge of the large bass flute proper.
It has unique musical-acoustic features. Soft baritone colour of flowing tones with the possibility of dynamic expression from pianissimo to mezzoforte, natural tuning with characteristical lack of sharp sensitive tones with relevant touch elements, this altogether makes the fujara an instrument of unique characteristics and instrumental qualities.

Fujera’s real home is Slovak mountain area of central Slovakia, Podpoľanie which spreads under Poľana Mountain. Its occurance in Slovakia is world unique.

The sound and repertoire of the fujera are a symbol of freedom and sovereignity of thinking, feeling, and humen behaviour.
In the past, the fujera  was also the instrument of rebels, fightng against oppression, social and national bondage.

Fujera is an instrument of shepards. Purpose of fujara melody was to calm down the sheep and provide them with better graze. The shepherd rounds his herd with fujara, it is then tamer, calmer and they better stick together. The so called ‚welfare effect‘ was gained. Effect of better comfort for animals that is later seen on their vitality and efficiency.



Our musical instruments can be seen at various important and famous social and cultural events in and out of Slovakia as well as abroad. Some of the most famous musicians who represent our instruments are musicians and music bands such as: Lúčnica, Róbert Puškár – SĽUK, Jiří Stivín, Ján Šimiak - Družina, Temperament Cimbal Orchestra, Christian Dimarco, Paolo Gaveli, Art of Spirit, Jagga Jazzist and many many others. Our instruments are being given to presidents and kings from Slovak president Ivan Gasparovic as a gifts official. The precise handmade nature of making this instrument, traditional design, perfect sound, excellent tuning and many other aspects make this instrument outstanding. Moreover, this excellent traditional instrument has started to be used as a professional concert instrument by us for the first time. One can use this special instrument with any other musical instruments and this will always lead to a perfect sound effect. It is possible to tune it to requested frequency, which is especially valued by professional instrumentalists. We were awarded by the most prestigious awards such as: Instrumentum Excellence and Gold Fujara.